The R.O.C.K. Ministries International Children's Centre


Our Children’s Centre was first established in November 2004 when we brought in four orphaned children referred to us by a local Headmaster.


We currently provide care for 32 children in our home, ranging in age from two to eighteen years, both boys and girls. While this arrangement may not be ideal, but it is very effective in modeling the family unit whereby the older children help the younger children. As you can imagine, the challenge is a well implemented schedule for bathing and chores. Each child has his or her own area of responsibility including their own bed, bedding, clothes and cupboard/drawer space. Once we relocate to the Malava Children’s Village, our plan is to house 10 children and two house parents within one family unit.



Our Services

Upon arrival in our home each child is provided with their own personal hygiene supplies, bedding and clothing. After a brief orientation, the child is given a ‘buddy’ who will show them around and explain the expectations and privileges of our home. Children from the streets, who have missed a number of years of school, begin our school program (ACE-Accelerated Christian Education) which provides for individualized instruction to bring each child to a position where they may enter the academic system closer to the grade level they left before going to the streets. Those children who have been in school elsewhere are transferred to a public school in our neighborhood to continue their education.


Among the educational staff members, we have a Principal and a preschool teacher. We are in the process of building Malava Children’s Village which will become the permanent home for our children until they are educated or trained in a job skill. This site will also include the Malava Christian Academy which will provide education for kindergarten through high school.


We additionally provide for the emotional needs of our children. One afternoon a week is spent outdoors with a Pastor/counselor with whom the children can discuss whatever is on their minds. This usually brings out minor issues before they become more difficult and has proven to be very effective as the children know they are being heard.



Our Policy

As a prerequisite for entry, we first spend several months working with the children on the streets via a feeding program and religious instruction. During this time the children learn to stick with a schedule, follow and respect authority and simple guidelines and stop sniffing shoe glue. As they recognize the need for a home and education, we bring them into the home on a space-available basis.


This procedure does not negate the possibility of accepting a child on an emergency basis through the Children’s Ministry Dept. or when we are made aware of an abandoned child. Where possible we wish to be available to all children in need irrespective of age, gender or special needs. We are currently catering to some who have been sexually abused, had medical emergencies and children with special needs. However, when the observed special needs are beyond our capabilities we will refer the child to the appropriate agency equipped to handle such needs.


Our policy requires that no child is to be reprimanded one-on-one with any staff member. If the need arises for a child to be called aside for any reason, it is with two staff members present for the child’s protection as well as a safe-guard for the staff members. If there are complaints from a child, the matter is brought to the attention of management and the matter sorted out until there is a clear picture of what has taken place. Our policy with two staff members present at all times is the best safeguard against any abuse by another child or staff member.




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