R.O.C.K. Ministries is a bible-based, Christian organization dedicated to reaching and rehabilitating street children and orphans in Kenya. R.O.C.K. was originally established in 1996 as a non-profit organization primarily working with gang families in the U.S. whose children were at risk.


We established a program to meet the needs of these children by opening our hearts and arms to provide them with the care and love they so desperately needed. While they were not orphans, they were grossly neglected. In time, we were able to involve other agencies in providing for the needs of these families.


After numerous trips to Africa and seeing the number and plight of street children, the decision was made to relocate to Kenya and continue our program here. The move was made in 2002, and by September 2003 we became a registered NGO in Kenya. In August 2004, we established a permanent base in Kisumu, Kenya where we are currently working with street children and orphans.


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We are occupying a large residential home located on Tom Mboya Drive opposite KBC in Milimani near Kisumu town. We have purchased property and are in the process of building a children's village in Malava which would house 210 children, plus house parents and staff. This will become the permanent residence of the street children who are being educated and rehabilitated.

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Because of limitations for the number of children we can hold on our compound, we are not currently taking children off of the streets until we are able to transition to Malava. Our primary purpose is to meet the emotional, physical and academic needs of the children. Currently, we have employed five Kenyan teachers and administrators who oversee Malava Christian Academy, our school that uses an American homeschooling curriculum that focuses on both character-building and instilling Godly principles. The kids are learning responsibility within the home-setting, as well as given opportunities for ministry and outreach with the local church.


The vision when moving to Malava is that the kids will use these developing skills and gifts to not only minister to each other, but also to the people in the community.



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